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Selecting your Lumber/Grade

This page will help you decide which lumber is right for you and which grade.

Selecting the Right Grades

ProThe Straightest / Tightest grain billet. Recommended for Professional Athletes.

SelectAt least 24″ of straight grain. Recommended for Jr. High through College.

EconomyMinor discrepancies. The lowest quality billet we carry. Recommended for Youth or Trophy.

At Veteran Bat Company we only use hand split billets. Hand splitting a log rather than sawing a log gives you a straighter grained billet because you are following the natural grains of the wood. Sawing a log tends to cut through the grain of the wood allowing for weak spots in the grain. It is true you get what you pay for when it comes to Lumber Quality.

Selecting the Right Lumber

AshThe original King of Baseball. Ash gives you more flexibility and forgiveness on miss hit balls. A more porous wood makes the grain more visible than that of its counter parts (maple). Recommended for all levels of players.

MapleIn 2009 Barry Bonds broke the single season home run record using a maple bat. Since then baseball has been taken over by it, Preferred by more than 70 percent of Major League players. Maple a tighter grain, less porous wood allows hitters a slight advantage for added pop, However it is much less forgiving than Ash. It is recommended for experienced Hitters.

BirchA new comer to the game. Very similar to that of maple with slightly more flexibility and forgiveness, but is one of the fastest-growing among professional players. We can see this wood as the bat of choice in the future. Recommended for most levels of players.

If your still not sure about selecting the right bat? Please Contact Us so we can further assist you!