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About Us

From Battlefield to Ball field!

Growing up in Oklahoma Nick Reed was taught at a young age by his father that the only way to get anywhere in life is through hard work. His father, an entrepreneur himself, worked long days and nights to provide for Nick and his family. What he was taught by his father, he still carries on with today.

In April 2001 turning down college scholarships, Nick decided to enlist in the Oklahoma Army National Guard. For the entire year of 2006 Nick was stationed in the middle of a war zone 10 miles west of Baghdad at a place called Camp Victory, Iraq. He was a .50 cal gunner for the CSM of the 49th MP Brigade from California. Upon his return to the United States in late 2006 he went back to work for the family business.

In 2011 Nick started his own lumber company and left the family business. The very next year, 2012 Nick was offered the head baseball coaching job at a local High School. He coached there for a few years until the lumber company started taking up more and more of his time. Nick wanting to get back to the sport of baseball had decided that bat manufacturing was in his future. It wasn’t until 2016 that Nick was able make that dream a reality.

Nick’s love for GOD, his country, and the sport of baseball, is what motivates him on a daily basis. He gives back to foundations geared towards helping veterans and their families that struggle from PTSD.

Remembering what his father taught him at a young age Nick works to try and put out the best wood bat products on the market today. You can rest assured that each bat leaving the factory has passed through his calloused hands. Nick currently lives out his dream in small town Comanche,Oklahoma with his wife Melissa by his side and their three beautiful daughters, Jaelyn, Lakyn, and Palmer.